Restaurateur Alvin Garcia and Chef Adam Rosenblum have opened the doors of their new Market Street burger-focused restaurant, Popsons, and it’s taking the city by storm. Read on to learn about the partners and the food that inspired Alvin and Adam to create their twist on the classic American burger joint.

What is the concept behind Popsons?

Adam: Popsons is our version of a mom and pop burger joint. Why the name Popsons? It came from the father sons/father daughter connection. Alvin and I hope to pass it on to our children. It speaks to our relationship with our parents and the legacy we want to leave for our children.

Which of your dishes best represent your cooking style and philosophy?

Alvin: Double cheeseburger — the philosophy of bringing value and quality together and finding a way for the two to match. Don’t use buzzwords just to use them. Operate properly and fairly and serve delicious food.

What advice do you have for aspiring business owners & chefs?

Alvin: Always make sure you have a good base of experience and work. Learn from lots of people because working for good and bad teaches you lots of lessons. Then just freakin do it, there’s no better time than now to take a chance.

Adam: Have a clear plan. We want to say the food and service are important but at the end of the day, it’s a business and if your numbers don’t work, you won’t survive. I opened my first restaurant at age 24 and wish I had had a little more of a plan and a partner to help with it and share the load. It’s very very demanding.

It’s late and you just got home from a long day. What goes on your plate to make everything better?